Mastering the Art of Actuated Valves and Controls

Mastering the Art of Actuated Valves and Controls

Mastering the Art of Actuated Valves and Controls

Valworx has been a trusted supplier of actuated valves and controls since 1991. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our ISO 9001 certification, ensuring that customers receive top-notch products and service. With a wide range of automated valve assemblies available, Valworx caters to the diverse needs of the industrial, institutional, and government sectors. We take pride in our ability to build, test, and ship these assemblies on the same day, providing efficient solutions for our markets.

Valworx’s Product Line

Valworx offers a wide range of actuated valves and controls to cater to the needs of the industrial, institutional, and government sectors. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Valworx has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality products. Their automated valve assemblies are meticulously built, tested, and shipped promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Established in 1991, Valworx has upheld its commitment to excellence by becoming ISO 9001-certified. This certification reflects their dedication to maintaining stringent quality standards throughout their manufacturing processes. Customers can trust Valworx for products that meet the highest industry benchmarks and provide reliable performance in diverse applications.

Whether you require pneumatic or electric actuated valves, Valworx has a solution to meet your specific requirements. Their extensive product line includes a variety of valve types, sizes, and materials to ensure compatibility with different systems. From butterfly valves to ball valves, Valworx offers a comprehensive selection of actuated valves and controls designed for efficiency and durability.

Quality Assurance Processes

At Valworx, our commitment to quality is ingrained in our values. Our ISO 9001 certification is a testament to the rigorous standards we adhere to in order to ensure the reliability and performance of our actuated valves and controls.

From the moment a customer places an order, our quality assurance processes are set into motion. Each automated valve assembly undergoes a series of thorough tests to verify its functionality and durability before it is deemed ready for shipment.

Automated valve assemblies

Our quality control team meticulously inspects every component of the actuated valves and controls we offer, ensuring that they meet our high standards for precision engineering and performance. This attention to detail is what sets Valworx apart as a trusted supplier in the industry.

Target Markets

Valworx caters to a diverse range of industries with our extensive selection of actuated valves and controls. From manufacturing facilities to water treatment plants, our valve assemblies are trusted solutions for reliable and efficient automated operations.

Our products are specifically tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the industrial sector, offering precision and durability in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. With Valworx, customers in the industrial market can enhance their processes with top-of-the-line actuated valve solutions that ensure seamless operation and long-term performance.

In addition to serving the industrial sector, Valworx also extends its expertise in actuated valves and controls to institutional and government markets. Our ISO 9001 certification underscores our commitment to quality, making us a trusted supplier for critical infrastructure projects and governmental applications where precision and reliability are paramount.